Izhar Farms is leader in grapevine growing in Potohar region. We have the best imported seedless varieties of grapevines growing in our vineyards, such as Early White, Sugra 1, Flameseedless, Vitro Black, NARC Black, Perlite, Flameseedless. Each grapevine is watered thru drip irrigation system. Special care and efforts are put into growing grapes by our experienced agri teams that monitor and manage crop nutritional, irrigation and protection requirements round the year. Thus, the best quality of grapes is produced at Izhar Farms.

Izhar has done another innovation in structural support of vineyards. We have developed our own solution of pre-cast structure to support grapevines. There are two types, the “I-shape” and “Y-shape” pillars. The pre-cast structure is life long, disease or termite free gives grapevines solid strength

Most of our grapevines are early varieties. We harvest our grapes in month of June and August.