Olive Oil

Izhar Farms, the first and largest Olive garden in Pakistan, brings to you Pakistan’s first and finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Produced from the best olive fruit, with stringent and careful agricultural practices to keep olive plants healthy, selection of healthy, fresh and the rightly ripe olives, extracted from state of the art Italian machinery, we bring the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“We believe everything tastes better when it’s grown and intrinsically supervises in our garden”

The balance of the flavour, colour and aroma defines the taste and quality of extra virgin olive oil. To get it, there are many factors under supervision, monitoring and control. Such as the plant care, harvesting, selecting best olives, time of ripening, harvest to crushing time, etc. are all important factors. Our olive oil is produced from best and fresh olives from trees that have given utmost care round the year, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted in automatic olive oil extraction machines. We have conducted laboratory tests from Spanish and Italian laboratories that certify the quality and freshness of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil as per international standards of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil set by the International Olive Council.

Thus, we bring high standard, premium, Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your servings, for your health and wellbeing.


100% juice of fresh olives

A bottle of Izhar Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural. Every drop inside comes from the freshest, top quality olives grown on Pakistani groves by Pakistani farmers. For the best and freshest flavour, we cold press without using any heat chemicals.

Not only does our Extra Virgin Olive Oil taste better and fresher this way, it’s healthier too, ensuring it retains more helpful antioxidants and healthy unsaturated fats.