Introduction of Izhar Foundation Research & Development

IFRD is a socio-business organization for the betterment and uplift of rural economy at micro and macro level by focusing on value added initiatives for new crops, value addition, capacity building, rehabilitation for land/livestock and community, poverty alleviation/reduction using knowledge and techniques to uplift/betterment of rural communities. We have focus on agricultural communities in respect of general issues, value added products and establishment of agriculture related (Olive and Grapes) industry at small scale for sustainable programs with financial and social uplift of organization and communities.

Improvement through better and quality yields through conducting seminar, information programs, training workshop among the neglected areas of agriculture and livestock. Organization will be supportive subsidiary grogram of education, health, food and social security programs for local communities especially directly engaged agricultural and rural communities. To work for protection of deserving persons and establishment of charitable institutions for the benefit and uplift of mankind.

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